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Stanisław Piro is an interesting phenomenon. Both from the artistic and from the purely human point of view. This philosopher with extensive practical experience also possesses deep medical and esoteric knowledge.

As to the artistic side of his personality, Piro is a graphic artist at heart. It must be noted that the world presented by the artist is an inner fabulous world, although it also shows elements of landscape, nature, trees or mythical buildings. He treats his drawings, masterfully created with a pen or some other utensil, which only he himself knows, as kind of a meditation, prayer or inner soothing. these drawings could be used as illustrations accompanying poetic texts, they could complement a poet's message, and they are wonderfully inscribed into the tradition of broadly understood artistic illustration.

In the iconographic sphere concerning the artist's drawings, many characteristic, or even symbolic, elements can be seen. They are most commonly: a landscape, the Tower of Babel, or the Tree of Life. The artist very often reaches to the mythological for him - culture of the Far East, the Chinese esthetics, or Japanese drawings and wood engraving. So, from the idealistic point of view, Stanisław Pyra Piro attempts to connect poetically the cultures of the East and of the West, using the specific language of drawing. Moreover, Stanisław Pyra Piro is a great erudite person, a real "encyclopedia of knowledge", and a witness of many events.

The strength of his practical experience is grounded by a fantastic array of personalities the artist met in his life, who left their mark on his sensitivity. This array included eminent artists, who have already passed away, including: Henryk Stażewski, Franciszek Starowieyski,and Wiktor Zin. Stanisław Pyra Piro is extraordinary, colorful, and at the same time is mysterious, and worthy of interest and respect. A bright observer and reviewer of our interesting times.

Stanisław Pyra (PIRO)

Stanisław Pyra (PIRO), a Polish artist, born in 1925 in Czerniczyn, a small town in Poland, was an artist, a philosophical figure, and a poet. Stanisław Pyra Piro began drawing and creating art in the 1960's. His works included drawings, etchings, sculpture, and jewelry. If one looks at Stanisław Pyra Piro's drawings they have an intricate detail, which can take years even for an artist to master. Piro's drawings were dated during each of his drawing sessions in the lower right corner of the drawing along with his special signature, a head with horns next to the date. The head with the horns stood for Piro's sign of zodiac, the Taurus. Piro's early drawings included collections from the '70s and the '80s. In Piro's drawings smaller fragments such as faces and skulls may be hidden inside larger objects, which may include trees or landscapes. For example, faces and skulls may be hidden inside a tree of life or may be part of a mountainous landscape. His later work from the '00s and '10s included the addition of rainbows and suns. Over the course of his art career Piro drew a total of over twelve thousand drawings, which just a few of these pieces are shown on our website. Piro had exhibitions in galleries and museums in Poland, Russia, Sweden, and also in the USA. Some of Piro's inspiration artists were Guo Xi, an eleventh century Chinese landscape painter, Leonardo da Vinci, and Edmund Monsiel. Piro also wrote poetry and wrote over a thousand short poems.

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