Gregory Pyra Piro One of a Kind Jewellery Ordering and FAQ

Who is Gregory Pyra Piro? A Few Facts About the Artist

1. The artist who makes the jewellery clocks a whopping of fifty years of handson jewellery making experience.

2. The the artist has international experience in creating, making, and selling one of a kind jewellery internationally both in Europe and the US.

3. Gregory Pyra Piro jewellery has been offerred by many craft galleries in the US for over 20 years.

4. Gregory Pyra Piro's work has been published in books and magazines and the work was or may still be on display in National Museums in Europe

5. Gregory Pyra Piro's work has been written about by some of the most professional people in the industry.

6. Gregory's work was purchased for the Royal Family in Sweden in 1976.

What You Should Know About the Jewellery

1. The jewellery is not just from sterling silver, but it is from both sterling silver and solid 14 karat gold.

2. Sterling silver and solid 14 karat gold handmade jewellery is a very rare item that only a very few artists make.

3. Sterling silver and solid gold accent jewellery is not to be confused with cheaper production sterling silver jewellery with gold plated accents.

5. Solid 14 karat gold accents will not wear off like gold plated accents on cheaper produciton jewellery because the gold is solid gold.

6. It is safe to repolish sterling silver jewellery that has solid gold accents because the accents will not polish off.

7. The solid gold 14 karat gold accents can amount to double the value of the sterling silver in each piece despite of its much lesser quantity.

What You May Order and How to Order?

You may order any of the new pieces that are available, which are finished and ready for shipping. To see some available sample work click here please. All the work is one of a kind so please make sure to ask if anything is available. Because all the work is one of a kind the samples are also the pieces you buy. To order email us the assigned style number of the piece or pieces you are interested in along with its description. Payment may be accepted in several forms, bank wire transfers, money orders, PayPal, Western Union and the method of payment will depend on where you live. Shipping is usually via air mail and may take one to three weeks and will also depend on where you live. This is for work that is in stock. Some of this work you may see here. This work may also be posted around the site with more pictures.

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