Gregory Pyra Piro Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold Rings with Gemstones

Piro Ring #7828

sterling silver and 18 karat gold, peridot, citrine, glass

Piro Ring #9785

sterling silver and 18 karat gold, blue topaz, amethyst, pearls

Piro Ring #1832

sterling silver and 18 karat gold, blue topaz, amethyst, drusy

Piro Ring #7563

sterling silver and 18 karat gold, blue topaz, amethyst, drusy

Ring #8582

sterling silver and 18 karat gold, garnet, amethyst, pearl

Piro Ring #9054

sterling silver and 18 karat gold, citrine, garnet, glass

Piro Ring #3782

sterling silver and 18 karat gold, citrine, garnet, pearl

C Ring #10101

sterling silver and 18 karat gold, peridot, garnet, citrine, glass

C Ring #1240

sterling silver and 18 karat gold, citrine, garnet, opal

Gregory Pyra Piro C Rings

One of the ring styles created by Gregory Pyra Piro in his jewelry are the C rings. The C rings have a C shape shank and have a more contemporary look. Although the C rings look uncomfortable, they are one of the most comfortable rings that you will ever try on. The inside of the ring shank is specially polished to give the rings a very smooth finish. Like other Gregory's rings, the C rings have a sterling silver ring shank base, which is entirely handmade. The handmade ring tops also entirely handmade have a 18 karat gold accents, which are solid gold and are not plated. One of the benefits of solid 18k Gold accents is that if the rings need to be repolished or cleaned, the solid gold will not polish off like plated gold. Another benefit is that the rings have a unique concept that instead of them being all silver like most silver jewelry, they are both silver and gold. And when the sterling silver rings with solid 18 karat gold accents are worn over time the solid gold will not wear off like plated gold even if the ring is worn frequently. The C rings like other rings which Gregory creates have a variety of natural gemstones. The gemstones, first of all are all natural and Gregory does not set imitations of natural stones in his jewelry. So every ring that Gregory creates has natural gemstones. And not only that the stones are natural, but the setting that the stones go into are Gregory's special unique created settings, which are his own, settings found in Gregory's jewelry are not found in any other jewelry. These really are entirely handmade rings. The center stones in the rings are usually facet cut and may include: amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, garnet, peridot, and tourmaline. The center stones are the main stones in the rings and they can be accompanied by the melee or the smaller gemstones, which may be either precious or semi precious like the larger gemstones. The melee stones may include: diamonds, emeralds, white sapphires, blue sapphires, or rubies. Because Gregory's jewelry has a silver base the precious stones may be set in or around the solid 18 karat gold accents, but their size usually will not be more than 3mm. If a precious stone is any larger than that their price will exceed the cost of Gregory's rings and the stones may not be a very good match for Gregory's rings. Though what is most unique in Gregory's C rings is not so much that they have natural gemstones, but rather how the gemstones are combined together with other items. In Gregory's rings the natural gemstones can be combined together with artisan jewelry style items like glass, sea glass (please look around our website). This kind of combination is what makes Gregory's jewelry distinct and unique. Neither will most artists use natural faceted gemstones in their jewelry, nor will fine jewelry offered in jewelry stores have glass, sea glass, amber, etc, together with the faceted gems. But yet this unique combination is found in Gregory's jewelry and this is one of the main reasons why it is so unique. Some pieces showing faceted gemstones and sea glass are found on our sea glass page, and some pieces that have the glass with the combination of faceted gems are found on our glass page. And another unique item is the amber, which is also placed together in combination with the faceted gemstones. Some pieces showing amber with a combination of faceted gems is shown on our amber page. For an artist's jewelry to be unique there has to be something different and unique about it. In Australia where the opal is mined lots of jewelry offered has the opal. The opal in Gregory's jewelry is also combined with other facet cut gemstones.

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Gregory Pyra Piro Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold Rings with Gemstones

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Gregory Pyra Piro rings in sterling silver and 18k Gold with various gemstones including the cyber ring, the u ring, and the band ring.

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One of the recent Gregory Pyra Piro jewelry design work is C ring #4950. The Piro ring is in sterling silver and 18 karat gold but with a very unique combination of not only silver and gold, but also ebony wood. The facet cut garnet, citrine, and small blue sapphire are placed above the ebony wood, which makes the design very unique.

A Gregory Pyra Piro contemporary ring in sterling silver and 18k Gold with moonstone, blue topaz, sapphires and pearl.

A Gregory Pyra Piro contemporary ring in sterling silver and 18k Gold with amethyst, sapphires and pearl.

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about the artist

Gregory Pyra, an international jewelry artist, has been creating his work in different countries, some which include: Poland, Germany, Sweden, and the United States. Born in Poland in the 1950's, Gregory began creating art jewellery from a very young age. So this is how you would know that what he does cannot be something that everybody else could learn to do. Gregory was one of the first Polish artists in Poland who added gemstones such as amethyst and garnet to amber jewellery made in silver. Some of his early design pieces are shown here on our website. These pieces are also published in books. And some of these pieces are shown today in in museums such as the Malbork Castle Museum, in Malbork on display, and the Amber Museum in Gdansk in Poland on display, and the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum, if Pforzheim has Gregory's rings in their archives. In the 1970's Gregory emigrated to Sweden where he made pieces which were purchased for the Royal family, for King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia in 1976 after his work was shown in Tidö Slott, in Tidö-Lindö, Sweden. In 1981 when Gregory emigrated to the United States his jewellery got an upgrade from just sterling silver to sterling silver and gold. And instead of amber, faceted gemstones were now one of the jewellery's main features. To the gemstones Gregory added additional components such as sea glass, sea shells, glass, and pearls. And once again, this wasn't just jewellery, but it was art jewellery. After living in the United States for a number of years eventually Gregory decided to return home to Europe. Today Gregory's art jewellery is shown on different social media and on our website.

About the jewelry

About Piro Art Jewellery

A work of art that is comfortable to wear. Our website is full of images that can best describe it. To see it best is to browse as many pages of our website as possible. This jewelry is so different that it should never be confused with other jewelry.

How much does it cost?

Gregory Pyra Piro art jewelry is probably the best price in this class. For a slightly higher price than a handmade sterling silver piece you get a sterling silver original handcrafted piece with solid gold work over it. The solid gold addition is solid gold and not plated gold like is found in some other artist's jewelry and production jewelry. It is worth much more than many people have bargained for.

How can you order?

The best way to order is to just contact the artist.

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