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Unique Art Jewellery with Gemstones in Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold

If they can make coffee flavoured beer or tea flavoured ice cream then why can't someone make art jewellery?

Welcome to our website where you will see art jewellery, a unique product for people with a unique taste.

Tired of seeing the same old thing? Want to see something really different?

Howabout some high quality top of the line handmade jewellery by artist?

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So what is so Unique About Gregory Pyra Piro
Art Jewellery?

First of all whatever website or store you hit, whether it is online, or whether it is a store, a gallery, whatever it is you will mostly see beading, bead jewellery, and low end type jewellery, which is called handmade jewellery. And when you go to the jewellery stores, doesn't matter where in the world it is you will mostly see cast jewellery, the type that have prong settings that hold gemstones, and this is all that you will see. Basically. Sure there are a few good galleries that do have different jewellery. But still there are very few of them in comparison to the rest of the market. Hit our website and you see something completely different. Just as stated above, tired of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavoured ice cream? What would happen if the ice cream industry would only have three flavours of ice cream? Or the tea industry just a few flavours of tea? Well, when you see Gregory Pyra Piro art jewellery, this is something that you will really not see anywhere else. For real. Click at our jewellery styles. No beading. Again. And no pronged setting jewellery. Again. No this our style jewellery. This is the reason why it is necessary to bookmark our website because you will not find this type of jewellery anywhere else.

What Else? And why Else is it Unique?

The jewellery is made from both, sterling silver and 18 karat gold. Most of jewellery on the market is either in silver or gold. Ours, and a few other artists, is in both. Why? If it is to be unique it must be something again that only a very few do. So here we are. Look around and what do you mostly see? Sterling silver and 18 karat gold? Or sterling silver or 18 karat gold? So because most of the jewellery you will see is either silver or gold, but not both, jewellery that is in both metals is the one that is the more rare and unique one. Because the manufacturers don't do this type. That's why you don't see so much of it. And artists are the ones that make this type. So sterling silver and 18 karat gold says HANDMADE BY ARTIST. You want handmade by artist? Get sterling silver and 18 karat gold, and if you need all gold, two or three different colors of gold together.


About the Jewelry Artist

Gregory Pyra, an international jewelry artist, has been creating his work in different countries, some which include: Poland, Germany, Sweden, and the United States. Born in Poland in the 1950's, Gregory began creating art jewellery from a very young age. So this is how you would know that what he does cannot be something that everybody else could learn to do. Gregory was one of the first Polish artists in Poland who added gemstones such as amethyst and garnet to amber jewellery made in silver. Some of his early design pieces are shown here on our website. These pieces are also published in books. And some of these pieces are shown today in in museums such as the Malbork Castle Museum, in Malbork on display, and the Amber Museum in Gdansk in Poland on display, and the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum, if Pforzheim has Gregory's rings in their archives. In the 1970's Gregory emigrated to Sweden where he made pieces which were purchased for the Royal family, for King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia in 1976 after his work was shown in Tidö Slott, in Tidö-Lindö, Sweden. In 1981 when Gregory emigrated to the United States his jewellery got an upgrade from just sterling silver to sterling silver and gold. And instead of amber, faceted gemstones were now one of the jewellery's main features. To the gemstones Gregory added additional components such as sea glass, sea shells, glass, and pearls. And once again, this wasn't just jewellery, but it was art jewellery. After living in the United States for a number of years eventually Gregory decided to return home to Europe. Today Gregory's art jewellery is shown on different social media and on our website.


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