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Jewelry Artist Gregory Pyra Piro Unique Art Jewelry

Gregory Pyra Piro originally from Poland, has been creating jewelry in Poland, Sweden, Germany, and in the United States. Always working with his distinct style, Gregory has moved with his designs in his own direction. Not only working with just silver and amber, unlike many Baltic regional jewelry artists, Gregory's early works of jewelry already had other gemstones such as the amethyst and garnet, which can be found in his earlier silver jewelry pieces together with Baltic amber. Gregory's later works were made from not just silver, but both, silver and gold, and these pieces mostly had faceted gemstones. Most of these pieces had pearls or seaglass in addition to the faceted gemstones. Some pieces also have amber, ammonite, and drusy.

What is so Unique About Jewelry Artist Gregory Pyra Piro Art Jewelry?

The combination of metals, silver and gold, which are soldered together. Soldered together, which means every piece is original handmade. Not cast. Not stamped. But traditionally soldered like it used to be made in the older days. The combination of gemstones and with what these gemstones are combined together with. The combinations of pearls with color the gemstones. The combinations of seaglass with the gemstones. The combination of Baltic amber with the gemstones. Such combinations are found in Gregory Pyra Piro art jewelry.


About the Jewelry Artist

Gregory Pyra, an international jewelry artist, has his work shown currently in museums such as the Malbork Castle Museum, in Malbork, and the Amber Museum in Gdansk in Poland. Pforzheim Jewellery Museum also had his jewelry artworks. In the past he has made pieces for the Royal family in Sweden, for King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia in 1976 after his work was shown in Tidö Slott, in Tidö-Lindö, Sweden. Gregory had shows since the 1970's until the present in Europe, USA, Australia. His original handcrafted jewelry works were published in books, which were printed in Germany, Poland, UK, France, etc. Some of his recent made work currently is found in galleries in the USA and Europe. His art jewelry is something that is entirely artist created and not influenced by the market. Gregory's jewelry has a unique style and is different than any kind of jewelry.


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